Creating unique world of digital & tangible photos that speaks story of its own.

Blue Horse pictures is one of the leading photography companies in Delhi NCR. We offer complete solutions at one stop.

Our Philosphy

Our philosophy is centered around the ability the communicate ideas, where each decision is best crafted together with a small and enriched team of big thinkers. Consequently, best result with a taste of authenticity and personal approach are produced.
Good work comes from well knitted relationships and hence we work closely with our clients so as to get their intricate details on the project. This helps us to work more coherently and thus, produce best results. Our friendly and expert advice primarily aims at providing cost effective solution’s to make your business a success!

Our Origin

Blue Horse Pictures was started as Akash Singhal Photography by Akash Singhal in 2013 which, later turned into Blue Horse Pictures as properly known today.

Our Services

-Product & Apparel shoot services for print catalogs
-E-commerce Banner Shoot
-Creative Concept Shoots
-Profile Shoot Service.
-Commercial & promotional Films.

The Big Mind behind the business:


I have been seeing world through my lens for good 8 years now. The Passion of capturing human emotions and motions into pictures had inspired me to don the camera and become a photographer.

I find passion in the act of clicking a picture. To lend a finesse to my passion I got trained under the renowned photographer(s), learning firsthand the mysteries of photography and the game of lighted dark.

While every moment can lend itself to a great photo, I find streets of India to be the real gem where I have found many stories urging to be told on the streets of Delhi and have tried to captures some of them in my own way. To further my life’s passion, I established Blue horse pictures where we aim to capture your special moments and your life so that you can cherish it forever.

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